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Boltlink was founded in 2014 to design and produce auto accessories , providing a comfortable travel experience for those who wish to spend time simply using the equipment. Instead of finding out how to use them. Boltlink auto textiles Accessories and parts are characterized by light weight, comfortable design, waterproof materials, ease of use and functionality, and durability required for the traveler experience.

All boltlink products are designed and manufactured with a single goal in mind - to make your travel life better. We are keen on quality materials and unique design techniques and the needs and expectations of your equipment which Combined understanding of life. Yes! Just choose your journey and enjoy the happiness and beauty of the journey, whether you are in daily life or long-distance travel, Boltlink can help you, meet the equipment assistant you need. Let you easily enjoy a pleasant trip and leave a good memory.

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    Boltlink was founded in 2014

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Car Top Cargo Carrier Bag
Enjoy Journey !


boltlink products have been pursuing the original design and constantly providing innovative and convenient solutions for your journey. Over the years, the products have transformed the simple journey life and adapted to the needs of many people. For better design, we pay close attention to color science and aesthetics. Research to make your car more comfortable space and beautiful looking . Our products don't want to take up too much space, so we designed them to be easy to fold and carry. You will be happy to choose our products and start your journey with ease and pleasure.


Boltlink always believes in high quality and good materials to create unique products. Most of the auto parts we produced which are used for outdoor travel. We choose to make the special materials, which are 100% waterproof, tear resistant, anti-stripping and anti-stripping Split fabric with super double seam technology. We will continuously test the waterproofness of the product during the processing process, you can use boltlink products with confidence.

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